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Installing WordPress Using Fantastico on CPanel

Learn how to install WordPress in one click using fantastico on CPanel…


CSS Code To Change The Highlight Color of Selected Text

Change the highlight color of the selected text. Get rid of the boring default navy color highlight of selected text in all browsers.

PHP Code to find Age From Date of Birth

PHP Code To Calculate Age From Date of Birth

If you want to calculate the age of any person from its date of birth then you can use this php function to do this easily…


How to Detect IE6 on Server Side Using PHP

Browser Sniffing can be done on client side (using JS or CSS) or server side depending upon your needs. Here’s a PHP function to detect IE6 on server side…


When Did Google Last Crawled Your Website?

Find out the date and time when Google last crawled a website or webpage.

jQuery Code Matched Elements

jQuery Code To Get The Total Number of Matched Elements On A Page

Here’s jQuery code to find the total number of times an element occurs on a web page.


How To Specify Minimum Height of a Div in CSS

Learn how you can use the min-height property of CSS to specify the minimum height of a div…