Website Speed Matters in Google Search Ranking

Do you know that now the speed of your website will also affect your ranking in Google search results. If your website loads very slow, it will be ranked lower compared to your competitors whose website loads fast, provided that all other search engine ranking factors are same.

website speed

Google has included site speed as a parameter in its search ranking algorithms because site speed is important for better user experience. If your site visitors have to wait for many minutes before your website completely loads, they will not be very happy.

Note that website speed parameter does not carry as much weight in search rankings as the quality of content on the page. The relevance of the contents of the page still matters a lot. But, as I noted above, if two websites have same quality of content, then the faster one out of them will win the search engine ranking race.

So, keep working on the quality of content, but also make sure to focus on the speed of the website. Remove all the unnecessary elements from your website, and optimize the website’s code to make it fast.